General Awards Program

The General Awards Program provides funding for investigator-initiated clinical, preclinical, and early-stage research projects that fall outside our Brain, Cancer Immunotherapy, and Veterinary Programs through a competitive peer-reviewed application process.

The program has two tracks. The Pre-Clinical Track is geared primarily towards preclinical studies and research projects that target a particular clinical indication or organ.

The High-Risk Track is intended for early-stage, high-risk, proof-of-concept research.


As a Pre-clinical Program Track, the General Awards Program provides funding for investigator-initiated research projects in the form of one-year awards totaling approximately $100,000, paid out in three or more installments tied to progress reports throughout the term of the project.

Application Process

The application process is the same for all Pre-clinical Program Tracks and is described in detail here.

Submission Tracks

Following FUSF review of the common abstract (linked below and at “Application Process”), the investigator will be invited to submit through one of the two General Awards Program Submission Tracks: Pre-Clinical or High-Risk.

The Pre-Clinical Track is geared primarily towards preclinical research and projects targeting one clinical indication or organ. It is meant to fund research that could lead the way to a new reimbursable clinical application for image-guided FUS within five to seven years.

The High-Risk Track is intended for early-stage, high-risk, proof-of-concept research that, if successful, could have a profound impact on the field of focused ultrasound and that could change the way many conditions are treated.

If the Foundation believes the project as described in the abstract falls in a grey area between these Tracks as defined above, the program manager will contact the investigator for a brief discussion.


Please contact Matt Eames, PhD, Director of External Research, at