Initiatives At a Glance

The Foundation has identified and prioritized four key initiatives where we believe focused ultrasound has the potential to make a significant impact in care. There are others in development as focused ultrasound research expands into more areas of medicine. The pages linked below provide an overview of the Foundation’s activities in each area, including webinars, workshops, key partnerships, and funding opportunities.

While these initiatives align in part with our research funding tracks, our research awards program is multi-faceted and not limited to projects that fit these criteria. Learn More About our Research Funding 

Focused Ultrasound for Brain Disorders

The Foundation considers the brain to be the vanguard target for focused ultrasound. Given the challenges of accessing the brain and the high cost and limitations of some conventional approaches, we believe that this noninvasive technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of many brain disorders. Learn More

Focused Ultrasound and Cancer Immunotherapy

The Foundation recognizes that the intersection of focused ultrasound therapy and cancer immunotherapy offers a highly promising opportunity for combination approaches to treat a variety of cancers. Through our Cancer Immunotherapy Program and in collaboration with our partners and the research community, we aim to explore and assess the full potential of focused ultrasound to turn this promise into reality. Learn More

Focused Ultrasound for Veterinary Medicine

Focused ultrasound has the potential to benefit both companion animals and their owners. Veterinary trials make new innovative therapies available for family pets, while simultaneously collecting data that can be used to advance human medicine. Learn More