Asia Program


The field of focused ultrasound is growing rapidly and revolutionizing medical therapy in Asia and around the world. This impact is made possible through the ambition, time, and resources of the global focused ultrasound community including scientists, clinicians, and manufacturers who have become critical partners to the Foundation.


Focused ultrasound is a platform technology that has the potential to transform the treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. There is a large and growing number of clinical applications for focused ultrasound that are in various stages of research, development, and commercialization.

For more information, see our most recent State of the Field Report.

Foundation-Funded Projects

The Foundation organizes, conducts, and funds research to advance new applications of focused ultrasound that will fulfill an unmet clinical need, are cost-effective, and can become a standard of care. Since inception, the Foundation has committed a total of $3 million to support nearly 20 research projects in Asia.

Focused Ultrasound Foundation Hong Kong

More than 60 percent of the Foundation’s annual budget supports research projects around the world. There is a tremendous amount of focused ultrasound research activity in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and other regions in Asia. Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation (FUSHK) was established to receive charitable contributions from Hong Kong and Asia-based philanthropists, and distribute the funding to research institutions in Asia. See the FUSHK website >

FUS Partners

FUS Partners is a program created by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation to foster relationships among manufacturers seeking financing, partnerships, and technology transfer from academic research institutions.

The program provides integral support to manufacturers by sharing the Foundation’s domain expertise and institutional knowledge in areas including regulatory and reimbursement, financial and human capital, strategic partnerships and technology transfer, advocacy, and intellectual property.

FUS Partners does not make investments or provide investment advice and does not serve as a broker or otherwise receive any compensation for services. FUS Partners will, however, encourage donations to the Foundation to grow the field and de-risk the investment and/or partnerships.

For more information, visit our FUS Partners page.