Imagine treating cancer, Parkinson's disease, and brain tumors without surgery or the harmful effects of radiation. Focused ultrasound offers this potential. Unfortunately, it can take decades for new therapeutic technologies to become widely available. Do you want to wait? Neither do we.

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Want to donate by phone or mail? Contact Nora Seilheimer at (434) 326-9830. You can also mail your check along with a completed donation form.

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  • Donating stock directly to a charity is highly tax efficient, since – if you donate assets directly to a charity – there is no capital gains tax to pay.
  • By donating stock that has been held for more than one year, you can deduct the full fair-market value of the assets without owing capital gains tax, up to the amount allowed by the IRS and the relevant state tax authorities. Effectively, you can give 20+% more net than by simply donating cash for the simple reason that you avoid the long-term capital gains taxes.

Learn more about gifts of stock in this blog post >

Always consult with your tax advisor for specific tax information when giving securities, as certain limitations to deductions may apply.

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For those considering making a gift, we encourage you to review our gift acceptance policy.

Donors Making a Difference 

Read stories from some of those people who have been touched by focused ultrasound and understand its true potential. See donor profiles >

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From John Grisham, comes a story where today’s medical fiction could become tomorrow’s lifesaving reality.

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