Focus on AI: Machine Learning in Focused Ultrasound Acceleration Program

Poised for Transformation

Machine learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), is transforming numerous aspects of healthcare delivery, many of which have direct correlation to or significant implications for the field of focused ultrasound. As ML is poised to transform focused ultrasound patient treatment, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to strategically accelerate the use of ML in focused ultrasound by convening the community and providing resources to those in the field.

The Foundation is committed to increasing awareness of ML’s potential to optimize treatment outcomes and drive productive ML deployment within the focused ultrasound community. We have dedicated resources to achieve this goal in the following areas:

  • Expand dialogue: Initiate discussions around use cases, possibilities, and techniques within the focused ultrasound and data science communities and beyond to broaden awareness of ML potential.
  • Create communities: Convene researchers and manufacturers in the field around common interests to directly advance current research through shared methodologies and lessons learned.
  • Ensure resources: Provide a robust catalog of information, access to experience and expertise to facilitate research, and dedicate financial support to initiatives that impact patient lives.
Rick Hamilton, CTO, introduces the Foundation’s FUS-ML Acceleration Program

Learn more about AI/ML. Visit our ‘Resources’ page to become more familiar with the world of AI/ML.

Learn More About the Implications for ML in Focused Ultrasound

Advance Through Collaboration: Partnership with the University of Virginia School of Data Science

A new partnership between the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Data Science (SDS) presents a transformative opportunity to advance focused ultrasound technologies worldwide by applying data science best practices.

Our shared goal is to leverage the power of data science to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes in the field of focused ultrasound. By joining forces, the Foundation and UVA SDS will work together to explore new advancements, and work toward developing the full potential of focused ultrasound through cutting-edge research and collaborative efforts. 

We envision a wide range of collaborative activities that could benefit the Foundation and provide real-world educational and research opportunities for the faculty and students of UVA SDS; these activities may include: 

  • Synthetic data creation: generate artificial datasets that mimic real-world data, enabling researchers to overcome data limitations and privacy concerns while developing AI models to help advance the state of focused ultrasound. By generating realistic and diverse data, we can accelerate the development and validation of focused ultrasound technologies, ultimately leading to improved patient care. 
  • Integration into clinical workflows: collaborate on strategic platform needs to seamlessly integrate focused ultrasound into clinical workflows. By streamlining the integration process, we aim to enhance the accessibility and adoption of focused ultrasound across healthcare settings, enabling more patients to benefit from this transformative technology. 
  • Trained model libraries: establish a partnership to create, maintain, and distribute focused ultrasound-related trained model libraries, or algorithms that have already been developed and are ready for use. These libraries will save time and resources by enabling researchers and developers to leverage existing expertise and achieve faster and more accurate results, ultimately facilitating the development of novel applications and further advancing the field of focused ultrasound. 

Both the Foundation and SDS are committed to exploring mutual areas of value and leveraging our combined expertise to push the boundaries of focused ultrasound technology. Together, we hope to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and help improve patient treatments and outcomes. 

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as we work together to advance focused ultrasound through the power of data science. Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative efforts and the impactful advancements we achieve along the way. 

Join the Initiative

In its role as the nexus of the focused ultrasound community, the Foundation is perfectly poised to convene interested parties around ML in focused ultrasound research, experimentation, and adoption. We’ve laid out several pathways to inform, engage, and connect not just those in the community, but those focused in data science, machine learning, and beyond. By joining our FUS-ML Community of Practice, you’ll be helping to advance technologies that will transform future therapies, improve patient experiences and outcomes, and, ultimately, save lives.

  • Join our FUS-ML Community of Practice. Receive regular updates on the state of ML in focused ultrasound, developments and advances, and emerging opportunities within the field. Collaborate with other practitioners in the community to advance common interests and share best practices.
  • Contact our team directly. Share your thoughts on accelerating ML in the field and where there are additional opportunities for collaboration.
  • Register for the FUS-ML online forum. Connect with the broader community in an online forum, allowing for asynchronous collaboration and discussion.