Multiple disciplines accelerating the field

Focused ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that may allow clinicians to cost-effectively treat patients
with fewer complications and shorter recovery times than traditional approaches

Focused ultrasound is a platform technology that can produce multiple biological effects, creating the possibility to treat a variety of disorders. Read More

Worldwide, focused ultrasound is approved to treat more than 20 diseases and is being researched to treat many more. Read More

Research Sites

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Globally, there are hundreds of centers that are currently doing technical, pre-clinical, and clinical research in focused ultrasound. Find a site based on research stage and indication. Search Now


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Funding Opportunities

External Awards Program

The Foundation funds competitive, investigator-initiated projects through our External Awards Program. Read More

High Priority Research Areas

We also fund projects in high-interest applications of focused ultrasound through the Brain Program and Cancer Immunotherapy Program, including both invited and investigator-initiated projects. Read More

Foundation Funded Projects

To date, the Foundation has funded nearly 100 research projects. See the list

Scholars program

The Foundation cultivates the next generation of focused ultrasound experts through Our Scholars Program, which provides opportunities for mid-career scientists as well as promising college students. Read More