Our Programs

The Foundation has established a portfolio of core programs to complement and supplement other organizations’ activities, as well as streamline the process and overcome barriers to development and adoption of focused ultrasound.



Focused ultrasound has the potential to treat a variety of medical disorders. The majority of the Foundation’s resources is dedicated to funding technical research and development, preclinical studies, and clinical trials leading to the rapid development of new, noninvasive, cost-effective therapies that will improve the quality of life for large numbers of patients. Read More


The Foundation is committed to cultivating the next generation of clinicians, scientists, and engineers who will develop and use focused ultrasound technology. Our scholars program provides opportunities for interns and fellows to train in a variety of settings around the world. Read More

Symposia and Workshops

The Foundation organizes and supports a variety of meetings with a goal of not only disseminating information, but, more importantly, serving as a crucible to foster collaborations and forge partnerships. Read More

Centers of Excellence

Through the Centers of Excellence program, the Foundation facilitates the establishment of best practices and standards for research, training, and patient care. These Centers are multi-disciplinary luminary sites that showcase the technology and promote collaboration. Read More

FUS Partners

The Foundation fosters relationships among focused ultrasound community members seeking assistance with financing, partnerships, technology transfer, and/or academic research opportunities. Read More

Regulatory and Reimbursement

To make treatments available to patients in the shortest time possible, the Foundation forms partnerships with manufacturers and interacts with regulators, policymakers, payers, and other stakeholders to expeditiously achieve regulatory approvals, insurance coverage, and reimbursement. Read More


To help increase awareness and facilitate collaboration across the focused ultrasound community, the Foundation manages a comprehensive communications program. Read More


The Foundation hosts webinars that give experts in the field an opportunity to present on areas of emerging interest or promising research. Read More