The Team

To execute on its strategy, the Foundation has created a flexible organization that responds rapidly to shifts in the market and technology. The Foundation’s staff is comprised of individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of millions of patients around the world, and bring many years of experience in the scientific and medical fields.

Janet Adams Senior Staff Accountant

Phone: 434.220.4657

Justine Atkinson Managing Director, Communications

Phone: 703.283.9343

Jenna Barazi Executive Administrative Assistant

Phone: 434.284.9288

Rachel Berry Communications Manager

Phone: 434.326.9825

Lydia Bock Administrative Assistant

Phone: 434.284.6811

Laura Breeden Development Information Specialist

Phone: 434.326.9832

Michael Broad Data Strategy Director

Phone: 434.284.3777

Pascale Broks Development Director, Europe and UK

John Burns IT Systems Administration

Phone: 434.326.9822

Cindy Clark Commercial Initiatives and Strategy Director

Phone: 434.326.9830

Phone: 434.227.1276

Jessica Foley Chief Scientific Officer | Managing Director, Cancer Immunotherapy Program and Government Affairs

Phone: 202.886.5300

Phone: 904.881.5154

Rick Hamilton Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 434.233.4802

Deborah Heishman Salesforce Platforms Director

Phone: 434.427.3306

Robin Jones Clinical Trials Coordination Director

Phone: 434.326.9837

Phone: 434.326.9835

Phone: 434.208.3006

Joe Kilroy Associate Director of the Research and Education Team

Jennifer King Managing Director, Finance and Administration

Phone: 434.220.4859

Phone: 434.326.1527

Phone: 434.305.1144

Suzanne LeBlang Director of Clinical Relationships

Phone: 434.326.0924

Michelle Majorin Development Information Specialist

Phone: 434.284.9282

Matthew Mayes Email Marketing Specialist

Phone: 434.326.9828

Charlie Manning Research Contract Specialist | Open Science Manager

Phone: 434.987.0959

Tim Meakem Managing Director, Co-Director of the Research and Education Team

Phone: 434.326.9831

Chrit Moonen, PhD Managing Director, Co-Director of the Research and Education Team

David Moore Senior Project Engineer, Brain Technical Program

Phone: 434.326.9823

Sara Myhre Project Management Office Analyst

Phone: 434.326.9829

Frédéric Padilla Director of Gene Therapy Program | Director of Applied Physics Research | Co-Director of the Open Science Program

Phone: 434.284.9287

Lauren Powlovich Associate Director of the Research and Education Team

Phone: 434.326.1528

Phone: 616.550.3814

Joe Rice Digital Media Producer

Phone: 434.996.8890

Phone: 434.242.1287

Amy Rolph Social Media Specialist

Phone: 434.326.9836

Mary Rose Serafini Business Services Director

Phone: 434.326.9826

Bob Smith Executive Director

Ann Taylor Chief Relationship Officer

Phone: 434.284.9286

Kelsie Timbie Veterinary Medicine Program Director | Scientific Programs Manager

Phone: 434.326.9821

Emily Whipple Strategic Initiatives Director

Phone: 434.305.1145

Emily White Managing Director, Operations and FUS Partners

Phone: 434.277.1274

Kurt Woerpel Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 434.326.9838