Open Science


Open Science is the movement to make scientific research and its dissemination accessible to all. The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s top priority is accelerating the development and adoption of this revolutionary medical technology, and we believe that advances in our understanding of focused ultrasound come most quickly when research is conducted transparently. Learn more about our open science initiative below.

Open Science Initiative

Learn more about Open Science and access videos explaining the Foundation’s initiative and the state of open science in focused ultrasound research.

Foundation’s Open Science Policy

See how the Foundation is fostering Open Science in the field and the requirements for our funded projects.

Data Availability & Sharing

Learn about the Foundation’s new data availability requirements and recommended tools for data sharing.

Watch Now: Webinar on Open Science

This webinar provides an overview of open science and share tools and resources with researchers in our field. Topics included open-access data sharing platforms and the cornerstones of open science policy. Attendees also learned about the Foundation’s open science initiatives and a number of platforms and resources they can use today to improve the accessibility of their research and data.

Open Science Requirements for Funded Researchers

The Foundation strongly encourages the use of open data practices to advance understanding and progress in the focused ultrasound research ecosystem.  Accordingly, data repositories are envisioned to be rich environments where researchers can go to absorb existing scientific knowledge and find inspiration for future research directions. We believe data sharing benefits all stakeholders, as well as the broader public, and are committed to supporting it however possible.