Open Science


The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s top priority is accelerating the development and adoption of life-changing medical technology. Necessary to this mission is the performance and publication of cutting-edge research, an endeavor which is fettered by traditional structures that keep research methods and insights siloed. We believe that advances in our understanding of focused ultrasound technology come most quickly when research is conducted transparently and a premium is placed on reproducibility and collaboration between researchers.

The Foundation is thus committed to the adoption of Open Science practices throughout the focused ultrasound research community. Focused ultrasound research should be reproducible, transparent, and published freely: we will hold all research we fund to this standard and we encourage others in our ecosystem to do the same.


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The video below provides an explanation of the Foundation’s current Open Science policy and expectations.

This video shares more information regarding the development of our policy and our assessment of the state of Open Science in focused ultrasound research.