Data Availability and Sharing

FUSF Data Availability Policy (2023)

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is instituting a new data availability policy that requires researchers to include data availability statements in their publications. These statements promote transparency by indicating to readers whether the data underlying the published findings is publicly available, and if so, where they can access it. This enhances the rigor and reproducibility of the research by enabling others to scrutinize the data, reproduce the analyses, and test alternative hypotheses. Additionally, data availability statements require an explanation from researchers who choose not to make their data available, increasing accountability to this important open science practice.

Data Availability Statements – Required

As of 2023, all research funded directly by the Foundation is required to be published with a data availability statement that specifies how data generated will be archived or made available to other researchers.

  1. You must indicate if you will or will not make the data available to other researchers.
  2. If the data is made available, you must specify where that data will be available and whether or not there are conditions or terms of that availability.
  3. If the data is not made available, you must include the relevant rationale or justifying circumstances.

This Data Availability Statement should be included near the top of your published article.

Data Sharing

If you do choose to make your data available, the Foundation recommends uploading to the Focused Ultrasound Foundation Collection on the Open Science Framework. Detailed instructions on how to do so here (PDF). Otherwise, please upload your data to a trusted public repository such as Figshare or Zenodo.