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Like a magnifying glass focuses light, focused ultrasound concentrates ultrasound energy on a target in the body without harming nearby tissue. Read More

Worldwide, focused ultrasound is approved to treat more than 20 diseases and is being researched to treat many more. Read More

Bone Metastases Treatment

Focused ultrasound is a radiation-free method to reduce the pain associated with cancer that has spread to the bone. Read More

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Globally, there are hundreds of centers that offer focused ultrasound treatment. Find a location near you. Search Now

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Patients who do not want to undergo or are not candidates for traditional treatment may be eligible for research studies. Find out about studies being conducted for different medical conditions. Search Now


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Treating the Prostate

prostate moduleTwo focused ultrasound devices have been FDA approved to treat the prostate, which could apply to diseases like prostate cancer and BPH. Read More

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Patient Support Organizations

To increase patient awareness and access to new treatment options for uterine fibroids (including focused ultrasound), the Foundation manages a patient support initiative. Read More