As the nexus of the focused ultrasound community, the Foundation sponsors a biennial international symposium as well as workshops throughout the year addressing key challenges and opportunities for the technology. 

While these meetings are a forum for exchanging knowledge and ideas, the most important aspect is fostering collaborations and partnerships.

There are many stakeholders involved in the development and adoption pathways of focused ultrasoundclinicians, scientists, manufacturers, regulators, research institutions, philanthropic foundations, venture capitalists, insurance companies, and patients. As an unbiased, independent third party, the Foundation has the unique ability to play the role of global connector and link all of these stakeholders, serving as the catalyst for focused ultrasound’s progress and an incubator to foster collaboration.

International Symposia

On a biennial basis, the Foundation hosts an International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound. This meeting is the world’s leading forum for clinical and scientific experts advancing the field of image-guided focused ultrasound.

Targeted to researchers, clinicians, industry, government and others interested in focused ultrasound, the Symposium offers a multifaceted exploration of the field through plenary sessions, panel discussions, poster presentations, and technical exhibits.

The seventh symposium was held virtually November 9-13, 2020, and was the most comprehensive meeting yet with more than 1,800 people in attendance. More than 250 papers were presented.

View Part I and Part II of the Program and Abstract Book from the 2020 meeting.


To drive innovation, solve problems and overcome barriers, we forge collaborations with leading investigators worldwide on specific medical conditions or technical challenges. The Foundation organizes workshops and mini-workshops regularly, focused on key issues facing the field.

Other Meetings

We also provide assistance and financial support to meetings hosted by outside organizations, including the International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound, Focused Ultrasound Therapy - European Symposium, and the Society for Thermal Medicine's Annual Meeting

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