The global adoption of focused ultrasound relies on the researchers who are advancing the technology beyond its known limits. The Foundation is dedicated to curating the latest peer-reviewed publications for your convenience. 

Free Research Library

The Foundation has created a free, online research library of focused ultrasound publications using Zotero. You can view the library or register to join groups. This collection is updated monthly. 

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Focused Ultrasound Immuno-Oncology Landscape Analysis

The FUS-IO field has grown rapidly in the past decade.

The Foundation has assessed the landscape and compiled a database of the field of focused ultrasound immuno-oncology (FUS-IO). This tailored bibliography is now accessible through our Zotero library.

We expect the bibliography will be a useful resource for those already in the field and those entering it. It is our aim to begin to answer the burning questions that were identified during the Foundation’s 2020 Symposium and to assess the status of the field.

The database will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact us at to let us know of any publications or information we may have missed.

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In April 2023, the Foundation published a landscape analysis to reflect the rapidly growing field of focused ultrasound immuno-oncology (FUS-IO). The team assessed where the field stands with respect to six key questions. 

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