Industry Awards Program

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation will consider funding applications from for profit entities working in the focused ultrasound research space. Please note these funding agreements are NOT non-dilutive.  We cannot use philanthropic monies donated to us to enrich others in the for-profit space.

Our Industry Award Program for a pre-revenue/R&D stage company preferred mechanism of funding is a Research Funding Agreement with an associated SAFE (Simple Agreement for Equity). Our contract template is based on the Y-Combinator template that can be easily found with a Google Query.

For privately held companies that do not anticipate future funding rounds, we will consider a royalty agreement.  Each project and contract are negotiated individually based on financial request and potential impact to the improvement of pain and suffering in affected patient populations.

Industry proposals will still be vetted thru the peer review process and awards will be made upon merit of both the scientific integrity of the proposal and the importance to the patient community.

If you are seeking industry funding, please identify on submission of abstract.  We would be happy to entertain a phone call to discuss details to help you decide if Focused Ultrasound Foundation funding is a good fit for your project.

Inquiries can be made to:

Emily White, MD
Managing Director, FUS Partners