Kranion® is an open source, interactive transcranial focused ultrasound visualization software.

Kranion® can import Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) MR and CT studies and perform several visualization and procedure preplanning functions. GPU support provides interactive performance on supported graphics hardware.


  • Geometric modeling and visualization of treatment plan
    MR and CT image data model patient anatomy which is used to interact with the geometry of a particular transducer. A ray tracing scheme provides interactive visualization of the effects of skull characteristics and particular intracranial targets on treatment efficiency.
  • Patient selection (Skull density ratio calculation)
    Skull density ratio (SDR) is a commonly used metric computed for a particular skull in order to predict treatment efficiency. Kranion measures skull heterogeneity seen by each transducer element and provides an SDR value averaged over the entire skull.
  • Skull metrics
    Kranion can display skull metrics for selected transducer elements and also export a table of all computed metrics for all elements.
  • Phase aberration estimation
    Phase delay values in radians can be exported as a table based on a particular skull, target and specified or computed speed of sound in bone.
  • Transducer efficiency estimation
    Kranion can create a 3D color map indicating the number of effective elements for candidate target points spanning a sub volume within the brain. This is an aid to understanding which parts of the brain may targeted effectively.
  • Stereotactic coordinate planning
    A tool for specifying targets with stereotactic coordinates is provided. Anterior and posterior commissures are identified as well as a point along the interhemispheric fissure. Candidate targets can be specified by relative offsets to these landmarks.
  • Post-treatment review
    Treatment exports from clinical cases can be imported into Kranion for post procedure review. This include MR thermometry and passive cavitation detector data. Thermometry can be displayed as raw values or computed equivalent dose.
  • Groovy scripting interface
    A scripting interface allows custom scripts to access the Kranion data model and various parts of the user interface. It makes use of the Groovy language which has Java like syntax and can import any standard Java package. This allows custom functions, data mining and reporting, network communication, custom user interface additions, automated batch processing, etc.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or later
  • Java 1.8 or later, 64 bit version installed
  • Latest NVidia driver installed
  • NVidia GTX 10 series or better, with support for OpenGL 4.5

Get Kranion

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    The Kranion User-Group Community is an online forum that serves as a central hub for all relevant discussions, announcements, technical support, and community collaborations that concern the Kranion software. This tool features guides and discussions on installation, getting started, and any troubleshooting errors that may arise. We invite you to follow the link below to create an account and join the growing community of Kranion Users! 
    Kranion User-Group Community – Kranion User-Group Community
  • Get the Kranion® source code
    Kranion is available under the MIT license.
  • Watch the tutorial video
John Snell, PhD, former Foundation Brain Technical Director and developer of Kranion, discusses the platform.

**Kranion® is intended for research purposes only.