Veterinary Program

Veterinary clinical trials provide a unique opportunity for focused ultrasound to benefit both companion animals and their owners, while supporting the rapid translation of innovations from bench to bedside. The Foundation has recognized the unique role veterinary medicine plays in medical research and seeks to foster and support the development of an active focused ultrasound veterinary community.

Focused ultrasound has many potential applications in veterinary medicine, including but not limited to:

  • Tumor destruction
  • Drug delivery (chemotherapy and immunotherapy)
  • Pain relief for arthritis and hip dysplasia

As a noninvasive technology, focused ultrasound can ease post-operative care and greatly reduce chances of infection and the need to resuture.

Foundation staff and their dogs celebrate launching  the veterinary program

Research Projects

Focused ultrasound has successfully been used in the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas, osteosarcomas, vaccine-induced sarcomas, liver tumors, and several types of orofacial tumors, and ongoing clinical trials are evaluating its safety and efficacy against Type 2 diabetes, urinary tract stones, bladder tumors, and brain tumors.

Apply for Funding

The Foundation encourages researchers and veterinarians to contact us regarding projects. We are actively seeking to promote interest in focused ultrasound within the veterinary community, and are networking with other organizations to identify new projects and co-funding opportunities.

Learn more about the Foundation’s funding opportunities and how to apply on the For Researchers section of our website.

For more information or to discuss comparative medicine trials, please contact the director of the veterinary program, Kelsie Timbie, PhD.