Application Process

Research funding applications – whether for pre-clinical projects or for clinical trials – are driven by a two-step, peer-reviewed application process initiated online by the investigator. Application materials are linked at the end of this page.

  • Research Abstract (Step 1): A one-page Research Abstract must be submitted first. These are accepted on a rolling basis and allow the Foundation’s scientific team an opportunity to determine whether the proposal topic falls under the umbrella of image-guided focused ultrasound and to ensure that Full Research Proposals are only invited for projects that may be funded. Foundation staff meet on a bi-weekly schedule to review all research abstracts.
  • Full Research Proposal (Step 2): Based on an accepted Research Abstract, the investigator will be invited to submit a full application under one of the Pre-Clinical Program Tracks [link to about our awards] or to submit a Clinical Trial Award application.
  • Peer Review: Full Proposals will be sent for external peer review. In the case of Clinical Trial Award applications, the study budget is withheld from the peer-review materials.
  • Funding Decisions: Following peer review, (see Application Timeline for approximate review durations per Award type and Track) the Foundation staff and, in some cases, a sub-set of our Board of Directors, meet to discuss reviewer comments and form a funding decision. The investigator will then be notified whether their proposal has been funded, rejected, or invited for revision. In general, investigators from whom revisions are requested will have only one opportunity to address reviewer comments before a final decision (fund or reject) is made.
  • Acceptance and Funding: Upon notification of having been selected for an Award, the Foundation Program Officer for the relevant Award Track will work with the Investigator and his/her institution to put a (Clinical) Research Funding Agreement and associated exhibits in place. See “Post Award” for further details.

All application materials should be submitted via our online portal (

Application Timeline

Abstracts are accepted any time for all Program Track funding requests. Foundation staff strive to review abstracts within two weeks of receipt.  Following abstract approval, proposal submissions for all programs are accepted on a rolling basis. Funding decisions are completed on a rolling schedule as well, with the exception of the General Awards program where decisions are made quarterly with full proposals due February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.

Application Materials

Pre-Clinical Awards

Abstract Form (PDF | Word)

Proposal Form (track-specific)

  • General Awards Program Form (PDF | Word)
  • Cancer Immunotherapy Proposal Form (PDF | Word)
  • Veterinary Proposal Form (PDF | Word)

Budget Template – a guide demonstrating the expected level of detail.

Clinical Trial Awards

Abstract Form (PDF | Word)

Proposal – Submit your clinical trial protocol or (if not yet available) protocol synopsis in lieu of completing a FUSF Proposal Form.

Budget Template – Required unless other budget format is pre-approved by FUSF.

Recruitment questionnaire – Required

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