Kranion® is an open source, interactive transcranial focused ultrasound visualization system designed and produced by the Foundation's Brain Program Technical Director, John Snell, PhD. 

Kranion® can import Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) MR and CT studies and perform several visualization and procedure preplanning functions. GPU support provides interactive performance on supported graphics hardware.


  • Geometric modeling and visualization of treatment plan
  • Patient selection (Skull density ratio calculation)
  • Skull metrics
  • Phase aberration estimation
  • Transducer efficiency estimatation

KranionSystem requirements

  • Windows 8, Windows 10, or Linux
  • Java 1.8 or later, 64 bit version installed
  • Latest NVidia driver installed (version 388.59 or later)
  • NVidia GPU with 2 GB or more of dedicated memory, with support for OpenGL 4.5

Get Kranion

  • Get the latest version of Kranion® >
    To inquire about receiving a prebuilt installable version of the software with a tutorial, please email John Snell at .
  • Get the Kranion® source code >
    Kranion is available under the MIT license.
  • Watch the tutorial video >

**Kranion® is intended for research purposes only.

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