The Team

To execute on its strategy, the Foundation has created a flexible organization that responds rapidly to shifts in the market and technology. The Foundation’s staff is comprised of individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of millions of patients around the world, and bring many years of experience in the scientific and medical fields.

  • Janet Adams Staff Accountant

    Phone: 434.220.4657
  • Thomas Andreae FUS Ambassador, Europe

  • Justine Atkinson Communications

    Phone: 703.283.9343
  • Rachel Berry Communications Manager

    Phone: 434.326.9825
  • Laura Breeden Information Development Specialist

    Phone: 434.326.9832
  • Michael Broad Director of Global Relations

    Phone: 434.284.3777
  • John Burns Systems Administrator

    Phone: 434.326.9822
  • Mark Carol

  • Tony D'Alessio Information Technology Manager

    Phone: 434.227.1276
  • Matt Eames Director of Extramural Research

    Phone: 434.326.9834
  • Patrick Edelmann Senior Advisor

  • Camille Favero Darden Focused Ultrasound Fellow

    Phone: 916.899.3260
  • Jessica Foley Chief Scientific Officer | Managing Director, Cancer Immunotherapy Program and Government Affairs

    Phone: 202.886.5300
  • James Franco FUS Partners Advisor

    Phone: 904.881.5154
  • Deborah Heishman Director of Salesforce Platforms

    Phone: 434.326.9824
  • Robin Jones Director of Clinical Trials Coordination

    Phone: 434.326.9837
  • Neal Kassell Foundation Chairman

    Phone: 434.326.9835
  • Philip Keevil Advisor

    Phone: 434.208.3006
  • Skyler Kitchen Director of Finance

    Phone: 434.326.9824
  • Jordan Knupp Web Developer

    Phone: 434.305.1144
  • Suzanne LeBlang Director of Clinical Relationships

  • Jessica Lukens Director of Administration, Asia Program Director, Development Officer

    Phone: 434.326.0924
  • Michelle Majorin Wellness and Community Outreach Manager

    Phone: 434.284.9282
  • Charlie Manning Associate

    Phone: 434.987.0959
  • Tim Meakem Chief Medical Officer

    Phone: 434.326.9831
  • David Moore Brain Program Project Engineer

    Phone: 434.326.9823
  • Sara Myhre PMO Analyst

    Phone: 434.326.9829
  • Wes Myhre External Relations

    Phone: 434.284.9285
  • Frédéric Padilla Director of Applied Physics Research

    Phone: 434.284.9287
  • Dong-Guk Paeng FUS Ambassador, Asia

  • Lauren Powlovich Associate Chief Medical Officer

    Phone: 434.326.1528
  • Francesco Prada Brain Program Advisor

  • Paige Rice Executive Coordinator

    Phone: 434.277.1037
  • Nora Seilheimer Director of External Affairs

    Phone: 434.326.9830
  • Mary Rose Serafini Business Manager

    Phone: 434.326.9826
  • Natasha Sheybani Senior Scientist

  • John Snell Technical Director – Brain Program

    Phone: 434.326.9836
  • Ann Taylor Chief Relationship Officer

    Phone: 434.284.9286
  • Kelsie Timbie Scientific Programs Manager, Veterinary Program Director

    Phone: 434.326.9821
  • Emily Whipple Director of Strategic Initiatives

    Phone: 434.305.1145
  • Emily White Director of Operations, Managing Director of FUS Partners

    Phone: 434.277.1274
  • Kurt Woerpel Chief Financial Officer

    Phone: 434.326.9838

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