Funded project will develop temperature measuring techniques for treating breast and liver cancer with MR-guided focused ultrasound

Nick Todd, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and the University of Geneva in Switzerland thrive on tackling difficult technical problems. Currently, they are developing MR temperature measuring techniques with the aim of overcoming the unique challenges of imaging the breast. Ultimately, their goal is to develop new, site-specific MR-guided focused ultrasound treatments for breast and liver cancer.

Researchers are using new generation of MR-guided focused ultrasound equipment to treat patients with uterine fibroids and pain from metastatic bone tumors.

Dedicated in September 2009, the Foundation-sponsored Focused Ultrasound Center of Excellence at the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville has taken the first steps in building a robust, multi-disciplinary clinical trial program.

CE Mark certification expanded to include adenomyosis

Until late last month, women suffering from adenomyosis – a benign gynecologic condition that causes heavy menstrual bleeding, pain and diffuse uterine enlargement – had two treatment options: have a hysterectomy and lose the ability to conceive; or, take medication for temporary symptom relief.

I recently participated in an FDA-sponsored satellite symposium related to Focused Ultrasound-mediated Targeted Drug Delivery (FUS-TDD).  The symposium was the afternoon following the close of the 2010 Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation Workshop, a 3-day post-graduate workshop for clinical and translational investigators interested in designing effective strategies to develop new anticancer agents. 

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