Nine students spent time with the Foundation team this summer, working on projects spanning from technical research to communications to assessing how the technology fits into the evolving health care environment.

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Three of the 2014 interns remained with us over the year to delve deeper into their projects.

“As the program evolves, the projects these students take on become more complex, and we are able to bring in students from broader backgrounds,” says the Foundation’s Director of Extramural Research, Matt Eames, PhD. “This year, we were fortunate to welcome students from France and Korea, giving the group perspective on the global reach of this technology.”

Claude Moore Foundation logoIn its fourth year, the Foundation’s summer internship program is once again generously funded by the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation.



Paige Calodney, University of Virginia ‘15 (Public Health)
Project: Focused ultrasound in a value-based healthcare environment.

Changzhu Jin, Jeju National University, Korea ‘18
Project: Sonication Feedback and Control

Zack Larrabee, University of Virginia ‘15 (Mechanical Engineering, Math)
Project: Thermochromic Phantom

Guillaume Maimbourg, Institut Langevin, Paris, France
Project: Detection and quantification of microbubbles’ acoustic signal through the skull.

Eric Ott, University of Virginia ‘16
Project: Focused Ultrasound Computational Modeling and Simulation

Anders Quigg, University of Virginia ‘14
Project: Modeling Skull Interactions in Ultrasound Brain Surgery

Madison Stanley, University of Virginia ‘16
Project: Communications

Alexis Xu, University of Virginia '16
Project: Sonodynamic Therapy




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