As the focused ultrasound field gains momentum, the number of manufacturers is also growing. To date, we are aware of 50 companies manufacturing focused ultrasound devices, and many more across the world are developing focused ultrasound equipment. We have profiled a number of these innovative organizations.   


advanced microbubblesRead Advanced Microbubbles's company profile from December 2021.

alpinionRead Alpinion Medical Systems' company profile from April 2022.

Read Bracco's company profile from July 2019.

Cardiawave Logotype tight Read Cardiawave's company profile from October 2019.

carthera slimRead CarThera's company profile from April 2019.

Daxsonics Logo 400x267Read Daxsonics Ultrasound's company profile from February 2019.

EdapRead E&I's company profile from June 2020.

EdapRead EDAP's company profile from January 2016.

EpiSonica Logo 180


Read EpiSonica's company profile from October 2016.


FUSMobile 16x9Read FUSMobile's company profile from July 2019.

HistoSonics sm Read Histosonics' profile from November 2019 and  April 2014. 

IMGT Read IMGT's profile from August 2021. 

konamedical logo Read Kona Medical's profile from November 2013. 

  MeggittRead Meggitt A/S's company profile from March 2018.

Mirabilis logoRead Mirabilis's company profile from March 2017.

NaviFUS logo2Read NaviFUS Corporation's company profile from May 2021.

NeurosonaRead Neurosona's company profile from April 2021.

OndaRead Onda's company profile from October 2020.

OxSonics TherapeuticsRead OxSonics Therapeutics' company profile from January 2022.

PhilipsRead Philips's company profiles from September 2015 and September 2014

PI CeramicRead PI Ceramic's company profiles from June 2020

  Precision AcousticsRead Precision Acoustics's company profile from September 2020.

  Profound Logo CMYK HiResRead Profound Medical's company profile from March 2018.

sonacareRead Pro-HITU's company profile from January 2020

Shanghai A&SRead Shanghai A&S' company profile from January 2021

sonacareRead SonaCare's company profile from January 2016

SonicConcepts Read Sonic Concepts's profiles from January 2015 and June 2018.  

Tamura CorporationRead Tamura Corporation's profile from May 2022

TheraclionRead Theraclion's profile from May 2014 and August 2018. 

TOOsonixRead TOOsonix's profile from August 2020. 

  Verasonics logo 180Read Verasonics's company profile from November 2016.












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