To explore collaboration and encourage the NIH to continue investing in focused ultrasound, Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD presented an overview on the state of brain research to NIH scientists from several institutes on January 19.

Neal at_NIH_Twenty scientists from more than five institutes gathered to learn about the bioeffects on the brain (ablation, drug delivery, and opening the blood-brain barrier), and the 14 neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders that are in studies ranging from preclinical exploration to advanced clinical trials.

“NIH funded the early research at the Brigham that enabled the technical development of the brain system and the validating preclinical studies,” said Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “We encouraged the NIH to invest more in the field, and our presentation helped to stimulate discussion on how they can work with us to fuel more collaboration in the future.”

“The meeting promoted a new understanding of the vast and diverse progress that has been made in the field of focused ultrasound in the brain,” said Chief Scientific Officer Jessica Foley, PhD. “They were especially impressed with recent clinical and preclinical breakthroughs in opening the blood-brain barrier and the potential for neuromodulation.”



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