Starting in 2020, the Foundation is reporting on new patents issued and new patent applications filed with the US Patent Office.  This page will be updated on a quarterly basis.

The list below was compiled using the United States Patent and Trademark Office's database

January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020

Patent Applications Filed 

There were no new applications filed for focused ultrasound technology in the first part of 2020.

Patents Issued 

Patent Number: 10,535,332
Patent Title: Confinement or movement of an object using focused ultrasound waves to generate an ultrasound intensity well
Patent Owner: Maxwell, Adam D., et al. (University of Washington)
Date Issued: January 14, 2020
Brief Description: Focused ultrasound transducer with matched acoustic lens to create an annular pressure field for the confinement or movement of an object.

Patent Number: 10,542,963
Patent Title: Ultrasound phantom for focused ultrasound, method for manufacturing the same, biomimetic hydrogel phantom, method for manufacturing the same, discoloring method and drug delivering method using the same
Patent Owner: Kim, Se Hwa, et al. (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KR))
Date Issued: January 28, 2020
Brief Description: Tissue mimicking hydrogel focused ultrasound phantom with thermochromic properties (changes color with temperature), applications for quality assurance, drug delivery and phantom manufacture.

Patent Number: 10,589,131
Patent Title: Methods of delivering chemical denervation to the vertebral body
Patent Owner: Diederich, Chris, et al. (University of California)
Date Issued: March 17, 2020
Brief Description: Related to patent number 10,603,522. Adds rotation of interstitial probe and delivery of a chemical agent to the target at several points along the probe.

Patent Number: 10,595,828
Patent Title: Probe, ultrasound imaging apparatus and controlling method of the ultrasound imaging apparatus. 
Patent Owner: Liberman; Alexander, et al. (Samsung Electronics, University of California)
Date Issued: March 24, 2020
Brief Description: Ultrasound guidance and closed-loop control for focused ultrasound therapy with real-time detection of an injected nanoparticle contrast agent.

Patent Number: 10,603,522
Patent Title: Method of treating back pain with microwave sources
Patent Owner: Diederich, Chris, et al. (University of California)
Date Issued: March 31, 2020
Brief Description: Interstitial implanted focused ultrasound probe with cooling balloon for ablation of vertebral body denervation.

Patent Number: 10,603,520
Patent Title: Therapeutic treatment device
Patent Owner: Yon, Sylvain, et al. (Theraclion)
Date Issued: March 31, 2020
Brief Description: Monitoring tissue properties with pulsed ultrasound during focused ultrasound therapy exposure.

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