Yoav Medan Presented MRgFUS at TEDMED 2011 Today


UPDATE:Videos from the presentation at TEDMED 2011 have now been released!

InSightec notified the Foundation with the following information this afternoon:

“This morning, California time, Dr. Yoav Medan, Chief Systems Architect of InSightec, delivered an invited talk on MRgFUS at TEDMED 2011 in San Diego.

He presented a comprehensive and compelling story about FUS and its impact.

The host, Jay Walker, came up at the finish and said that they had a lot of questions from the audience. This shows how engaged and interested they were. The follow up questions stage were about approval status, availability of the technology in the US, etc.

At the end, Jay said, “Yoav, now that was inspirational!”

Yoav joins the ranks of thought leaders including Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, style guru Martha Stewart, music producer Quincy Jones, and architect Frank Gehry. Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Peter Agre, sports superstars Lance Armstrong, Diana Nyad), and the U.S. Surgeon General (Dr. Regina Benjamin) who are participating at TEDMED.

TEDMED, www.tedmed.com, is the annual conference where cutting-edge science and technology leaders “connect, understand and inspire” to advance the art of health and medicine with new ideas, the la science and innovative technology.

This is a wonderful and major opportunity to spread the word about MRgFUS. Although his talk was not broadcast live, it is expected to be posted on the TEDMED website which has extensive global reach: TED and TEDMED talks have been downloaded 500 million times around the world.

Yoav is also one of a handful of speakers to provide an extensive 30 minute interview to be posted on the website as well.

In addition Susan Klees, of the FUS Foundation, has travelled to San Diego to help arrange press interviews.

You can find the press release issued here:


Yoav included in his presentation stories from patients who used to suffer from fibroids and essential tremor and had undergone MRgFUS.”