Two Manufacturers Recap 2019 Highlights and Look Forward


French manufacturer Theraclion credits notable fundraising in 2019 with allowing the company to focus on distribution of their SONOVEIN® device to treat varicose veins. The device earned CE marking in April, and the company says it is working toward an FDA approval for SONOVEIN in 2021.

Theraclion also reports sales of their Echopulse® device to treat the thyroid and breast have increased. In all, 11 Echopulse and SONOVEIN systems were sold in 2019: six in Germany, one in Spain, and four throughout Asia and the Middle East.

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EDAP TMS RGB 300dpi 20160111In their recent letter to investors, another French company, EDAP TMS, shared their optimism for the future of their Focal One® device to treat the prostate. The device earned FDA approval in 2018 for the targeted ablation of prostate tissue, and the company notes that recent market research and strong sales have poised the company for significant growth. They have also expanded globally with device sales in Brazil, Russia, and Singapore.

Looking forward, EDAP will pursue treating deep rectal endometriosis with their technology. They also recently introduced their Endo-UP Endourology Platform for the management of urinary stones.

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