2023 Summer Intern Report: Aditya Biswas


Colonial Forge High School, Class of 2024

Essential Tremor Tracker, Acoustic Lens, Rat Sonication Simulation

Project #1: Essential Tremor Tracker 

Project Overview 
The goal of this project was to improve the analysis methods used by an essential tremor tracking device created last year. 

Project Outcome 
The tremor tracking device can now use improved analysis methods and is ready for clinical trials. 

Project #2: Acoustic Lens 

Project Overview 
The goal of the acoustic lens project was to create a diffused acoustic focus for sonication using a 3D-printed lens created by a k-Wave simulation. 

Project Outcomes 
The simulation was able to generate an acoustic lens design, but the lens did not create a diffused focus as intended. 

Project #3: Rat Sonication Simulation 

Project Overview 
The goal of the rat sonication simulation project was to use a CT scan of a rat to simulate sonication at a desired focus to estimate the results of actual sonication at that focus. 

Project Outcomes 
The rat sonication simulation is able to run a theoretical rat sonication and return the estimated thermal effects of the sonication. 

Why were you initially interested in working with the Foundation? 
I wanted to get actual research experience and explore using computational methods in applied medical science. I have long held an interest in programming, physics, biology, and medical science, and this internship offered me the opportunity to explore all my interests and combine them in a manner that lets me do meaningful research. 

Describe your experience as an intern. 
I enjoyed connecting with the other interns and working with experts to make meaningful real-world research contributions. I learned a lot of complicated math and science and made many connections that will serve me well in the future. 

How will your accomplishments impact the field of focused ultrasound? 
The acoustic lens project and rat sonication simulation project helped open new pathways to create less expensive transcranial focused ultrasound treatment devices. The rat sonication simulation can also help simulate and estimate the impact of sonications before they occur. 

Has your internship affected your career plans? 
My internship has helped solidify my interest in becoming a scientific researcher. It has also exposed me to interdisciplinary research in biology, physics, and computer science, which has strengthened my intent to pursue a career in computational biology. 

What is one tip that you would give 2024 summer interns? 
It is useful to turn ambitious, complex research goals into a set of smaller, easily attainable research goals. Whenever you can, simplify your questions and plan of action so you can become more efficient and find more effective solutions.