2022 Summer Intern Report: Velan Shanmuganathan


University of Virginia, Class of 2025

Focused Ultrasound Indication Scripts for Social Media

Project Overview
My goal during my internship was to create a collection of resources that would help promote online awareness of focused ultrasound on social media. I aimed to create a database or collection of relevant information for all indications for which focused ultrasound has earned regulatory approval either by the FDA or outside the United States.  

To do this, I compiled information from websites, scientific journals, and other verified sources to have content ready to post should any specific indication, such as uterine fibroids, go viral on social media. The aim of these scripts was to portray the educational material we have on our website in a way that connected to the emotions of our audience.  

Project Outcomes
I successfully compiled scripts for all the indications and included relevant information from outside sources for each condition (such as symptoms of conditions, the number of people who suffer and die from the condition every year, etc.). After doing additional research, I was able to link and connect each condition with a quote from a scientific journal that supported the use of focused ultrasound to treat that specific condition. After completing the project, I was impressed by the sheer variety of different effects focused ultrasound could create.

Why were you initially interested in working with the Foundation? 
I was initially interested in working with the Foundation after reading a case study in my Social Entrepreneurship class at the University of Virginia. After doing additional research into the foundation, I believed there was room to improve the online awareness of focused ultrasound, specifically amongst the younger generations.  

What was the most important learning point of your internship experience? 
The most important learning point was when I first realized the importance of presentation with regard to effective and efficient communication. As a content-focused individual, making adjustments and learning to frame and format my message in relation to my target audience has been one of the most important lessons in my professional career. 

Has your internship affected your career plans?
This internship has given me an excellent perspective on the FDA and specifically the government’s hesitant approach to focused ultrasound. I have started looking into more job opportunities involving health policy as a direct result of this internship.