2022 Summer Intern Report: Abey Babu


Virginia Tech, Class of 2023

Assisting in the Information Technology (IT) Program

Project Overview
This summer, I worked in the Foundation’s IT department, with the goal of assisting my mentors, Tony D’Alessio and John Burns, in day-to-day tasks related to IT support. The Foundation has grown significantly over the past years, and having a third person in the office improved workflow.

Project Outcomes
I helped with the transition of the Foundation website from Joomla to WordPress, analyzed duplicate files on the server, and managed help desk tickets. My work allowed Tony and John to focus on much larger-scale projects, of which I also got a taste.

Describe your experience as an intern.
Since the beginning and through to the end, the Foundation has been a warm and welcoming experience where I felt valued and could appreciate the life-changing work done by the team.

How will your accomplishments impact the field of focused ultrasound?
The most impactful work I did at the Foundation was help in the transition of the website, which will be used by countless interested parties in learning about focused ultrasound and raising awareness so that more research can be funded, and treatment can be advanced faster.

What is one tip that you would give 2023 summer interns?
The best tip I can give for 2023 interns is to show up because not a day went by where I didn’t learn something new and interesting.