Progress in Drug Delivery Models Presented at STM 2015


The thermosensitive drug delivery session included four abstracts on the use of focused ultrasound to treat various forms of cancer and to study the potential applications in the pediatric population during the Society for Thermal Medicine’s (STM) 32nd Annual Meeting held April 14-17 in Orlando.

STM 2015Clinically, one group is planning a validation study for using focused ultrasound—induced hyperthermia to improve the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Translational research in pediatric applications could produce a clinical platform, and scientific presentations covered software innovations, and a motion phantom for preclinical liver research. 

MR-HIFU mild hyperthermia as an adjuvant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy for recurrent rectal cancer: preliminary validation studies and clinical trial design. William Chu, Samuel Pichardo, Robert Staruch, Max Köhler, Matti Tillander, Yuexi Huang, Mika Ylihautala, Gregory Czarnota, Kullervo Hynynen

MR-HIFU hyperthermia for drug delivery: translation to a clinical platform for pediatric applications. Robert Staruch, Chenchen Bing, Michelle Ladouceur-Wodzak, Joris Nofiele, Cecil Futch, Theodore Laetsch, Rajiv Chopra

TRANS-FUSIMO – Software support for clinical application of MRgFUS in the liver. Sabrina Haase, Mario Bezzi, Jürgen Jenne, Thomas Lango, Yoav Levy, Michael Müller, Giora Sat, Christine Tanner, Stephan Zangos, Matthias Günther, Andreas Melzer, Tobias Preusser

Poster Session

A motion phantom for ex vivo experiments of MRgFUS in moving organs. Caroline v. Dresky, Florian Hagen, Richard Rascher-Friesenhausen, Daniel Demedts, Joachim Georgii, Christian Schumann, Tobias Preusser