On the Scene of the 2010 Brain Workshop


The 2010 Brain Workshop is now in progress.

Excitement is in the air. Virtually every pioneer and thought leader in the field of MR-guided Focused Ultrasound for brain treatments is in the room. Attendees represent academia, industry and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and include a international mix of specialties: neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuroscientists, biomedical engineers, physicists, product-development managers and medical device company executives.

Hosting organizations for this invitation-only event are the Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation and the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Virginia.

This meeting is building on the success of the 2009 Brain Workshop and is addressing key technical issues related to the development of MR-guided focused ultrasound treatments for brain disorders such as tumors, stroke, essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

The Day 1 agenda includes a technology update and then shifts to discussion of clinical projects, preclinical projects and planned studies.  Working groups and steering committees hold breakfast or luncheon meetings to discuss developments in movement disorders, stroke, brain tumors and epilepsy.

Further updates about the 2010 Brain Workshop will be provided in upcoming blogs and in future issues of the Foundation’s e-newsletter.