Now Accepting Applications for 2024 Summer Global Internships


Key Points

  • The Foundation’s Global Internship Program enables high school and college students who are interested in focused ultrasound to conduct research with esteemed mentors in the field.
  • Applications for this three-month summer research experience will be accepted through April 21, 2024.

The Foundation’s Global Internship Program allows high school and undergraduate university students the opportunity to participate in focused ultrasound research through a summer internship with an academic researcher or industry mentor at recognized international focused ultrasound sites. 

Global internships are offered as part of the Foundation’s Charles Steger Focused Ultrasound Internship Program. Positions are open to high school and undergraduate university students who have obtained the written support of a mentor working in the field of focused ultrasound. This includes medical students in countries where a bachelor’s degree is not a prerequisite. Graduate and post-doctoral students are not eligible for this program.

The Foundation will provide a $1,500 stipend for up to two interns per institution for a three-month summer research experience (between May and September). Applications will be accepted through 11:59 pm Eastern on April 21, and applicants will be notified of an acceptance by May 6.

Additionally, global interns are required to submit to the Foundation a Completion Diploma for the HIFU MOOC and a two-page final report (or a copy of a conference proceeding) on the project activity and outcome.

In 2023, the Foundation sponsored 20 global interns at 13 institutions worldwide.

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