Molly Hardie Joins Foundation’s Council


Key Points

  • Molly Hardie is co-chairman of the private family investment company, H7 Holdings, LLC.
  • Molly and her husband, Robert, are longtime supporters of focused ultrasound research.
  • The Council is a dedicated group who provide advice and assist with raising funds and building awareness.

The Foundation is pleased to welcome Molly Hardie to its Council, a dedicated group of goodwill ambassadors who work closely with the Board of Directors and staff to provide advice and assist with raising funds and building awareness.

With her husband, Robert, Ms. Hardie is co-chairman of H7 Holdings, LLC, a private family investment company that takes significant positions in various asset classes.

She is involved in a variety of investments, most notably Keswick Hall in Keswick, Virginia, and The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since 2017, Ms. Hardie has been integral to the renovation and expansion of Keswick Hall. She was actively involved in a large construction project that included the addition of 40 guest rooms, the free-standing Marigold restaurant, and a spa. She also oversaw the construction of five custom homes in Keswick Estate and the creation of a five-acre farm garden.

At The Hermitage Hotel, Ms. Hardie was involved in a construction project that included the renovation of the hotel kitchen and restaurant and a full refresh of the public spaces, guest rooms, and luxury suites.

Ms. Hardie also oversees H7 Holdings ownership of Clover Hill, LLC, a working cattle farm in Keswick.

She has served on the board of several local organizations, including the Virginia Discovery Museum, The University of Virginia (UVA) Health Foundation, and the Peabody School. She was an active member of The Young Families Committee for the Children’s Medical Center at UVA, and she participated in the long effort to plan and build the Battle Building at UVA Children’s Hospital.

Ms. Hardie currently serves on the board of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and is a member of the Albemarle Garden Club.

She is an alumna of Dartmouth College and the UVA Medical School.

“Molly and Robert have been longtime friends and supporters of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation,” said Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “They truly understand the potential of the technology and have helped to fund important research in Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders as well as cancer treatment, including cancer immunotherapy. We are thrilled to have Molly as the newest member of the Council.”

“I am delighted to join the Council and to use my medical degree to help advance this technology,” said Ms. Hardie. “Robert and I have found the work that the Foundation is doing in cancer immunotherapy to be quite exciting. In addition, we are interested in how focused ultrasound can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and be utilized therapeutically in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. Focused ultrasound shows great promise to extend survival and improve quality of life for patients in the future.”