Mo KC Pritzker Joins Foundation’s Council


Key Points

  • Mo KC Pritzker is a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures in influencer marketing, food and dining, and neuroplasticity.
  • The Council is a dedicated group who provide advice and assist with raising funds and building awareness.

The Foundation is pleased to welcome Mo KC Pritzker to the Foundation’s Council, a dedicated group of goodwill ambassadors who work closely with the Board of Directors and staff to provide advice and assist with raising funds and building awareness.

Pritzker is a serial entrepreneur and futurist with a knack for discovering emerging social movements. In 1998, she co-founded Ammo Marketing, a pioneer in influencer marketing that served a roster of Fortune 500 clients, including Levi’s, Nike, Method Home, and Pepsi UK. It was named the fastest growing US marketing agency by Adweek in 2001, and its case studies are taught in prominent business schools.

Pritzker is also successful in the food and dining entrepreneurial space. In 2013, she launched Seed + Salt, one of the first vegan/plant-based fast casual dining concepts in the US. In 2016, she co-founded Five Suns Food to introduce chocho – the world’s highest plant-based protein from Ecuador – globally and develop a regenerative, sustainable supply chain.

For the last five years, Pritzker has also been involved in the field of neuroplasticity. She is co-founder of re-origin, an online neuroplasticity program and coaching community created to help people overcome chronic conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food/chemical sensitivities, and more. She and her team worked with top neuroscientists and neuropsychiatrists from institutions, including UCLA and Memorial Sloan Kettering, to develop the program.

Pritzker and her companies have been featured in top media outlets, including Fortune, Elle, SF Chronicle, Well + Good, New York Magazine, Vogue, goop, Bon Appetit, The Food Network, ABC, WebMD, Healthline, and PBS Worldwide. She was named by Origin. Magazine as one of the top 100 people changing the world.

She serves on the Boards of ReImagine and Inploration (launching January 2023).

“Mo is a powerhouse in the marketing, business, and entrepreneurial space, and that experience coupled with her passion for neuroscience makes her a great fit for the Council,” said Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “We are honored to have her join us in our efforts to advance focused ultrasound.”

“I’ve always been interested in the future and the possibilities that exist in medicine,” said Pritzker. “As I’ve come to gain an understanding of focused ultrasound, I believe the breadth of curative applications is very compelling. It truly has the potential to shift the paradigm of medicine as we know it. I am excited to contribute to accelerating the awareness and adoption of this game-changing technology. In addition, given my family’s deep relationship with the University of California San Francisco, I hope to promote and expand their use of focused ultrasound as well as help enrich their collaboration with the Foundation.”