Meeting Report: Therapeutic Ultrasound in Oncology Symposium


Key Points

  • Experts from four research sites and the Foundation discussed focused ultrasound for cancer at the Society for Thermal Medicine’s (STM) virtual symposium.
  • Topics included pelvic and head/neck cancer, a liver tumor trial, microbubbles and radiotherapy, and ablative therapies in oncology.
  • The Foundation sponsored this important meeting.

stmA recent Society for Thermal Medicine (STM) virtual symposium, titled “Therapeutic Ultrasound in Oncology,” was held May 13, 2021. Five experts provided research updates from several focused ultrasound research groups using the technology to develop cancer treatments. More than 80 people attended the event, and more have viewed the recording. 

“The Foundation was pleased to sponsor this mini symposium,” said the Foundation’s Director of Clinical Relationships, Suzanne LeBlang, MD. “Key experts shared important advances from their laboratories, and it was inspirational to hear all of the ways that the technology is being used to solve important clinical problems in oncology.”

Co-chaired by Chris Diederich, PhD, and Allison Payne, PhD, the symposium included the following presentations:

MRg FUS Hyperthermia for Pelvic and Head/Neck Cancers
Samuel Pichardo, PhD, University of Calgary
See 4:29 in the recording.

Thermally Triggered Release without Thermometry? Results from a First-in-Human Trial of Ultrasound-Guided, Ultrasound-triggered Targeted Delivery from Thermosensitive Liposomes in Patients with Liver Tumours
Constantin C. Coussios, PhD, FREng, Paul Lyon, MD, PhD, and Michael D. Gray, PhD, Oxford University
See 25:15 in the recording.

Ultrasound-Stimulated Microbubbles and Radiotherapy – Preclinical Investigations and Translation to a Clinical Trial
Gregory J. Czarnota, PhD, MD, FRCPC, MRMD (MRSC), Sunnybrook Research Institute
See 43:45 in the recording.

MRgFUS Ablative Therapies in Oncology
Pejman Ghanouni, MD, PhD, Stanford University
See 1:05:35 in the recording.

Current Status and Future Directions of Focused Ultrasound in Oncology
Suzanne LeBlang, MD, Focused Ultrasound Foundation
See 1:24:25 in the recording.

A lively Q&A segment (at 1:50:00 in the recording) allowed the presenters to answer audience questions in real time and spurred a great discussion.

Watch the Symposium >