HistoSonics Hosts First Annual Histotripsy Summit


Histotripsy Summit HistoSonics hosted a research workshop to formalize and celebrate its growing collaboration with the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin on September 27-28, 2019.

Clinical researchers from the University of Michigan hosted research colleagues from the University of Wisconsin at their site in Ann Arbor for the two-day event. The teams from each institution shared their most recent research and clinical experiences with histotripsy, and the agenda included discussion of the state of the technology, past studies, current challenges, and future preclinical and clinical research directions for using histotripsy to treat various diseases.

Led by Zhen Xu, PhD, University of Michigan Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Fred Lee, Jr., MD, HistoSonic’s Senior Medical Advisor, the workshop convened experts in neurosurgery, radiology, and immunology along with scientific staff from HistoSonics and engineering students from the University of Michigan.

“The workshop setting was ideal for sharing results from everyone’s hard work across the histotripsy continuum — from basic science to clinical results in humans,” said Mike Blue, HistoSonics’ CEO. “This type of shared vision is extremely important to the success of innovative medical technologies, and we are extremely thankful to have such outstanding collaboration.”

Histotripsy Summit 1The large group of approximately 75 attendees discussed ongoing research projects and identified potential areas of investigation that could propel histotripsy beyond its already vast clinical opportunity. HistoSonics plans to continue the histotripsy summit on an annual basis.

Collaborators who are interested in learning more about HistoSonics research efforts should contact Josh Stopek, Vice President of Research and Development at Joshua.stopek@histosonics.com.