Former Naval Air Intelligence Officer Contributes to Foundation


Impressing Jim Morley, an ex-Naval Air Intelligence Officer and founder and President of California Real Estate Management, is no small feat. But after learning about FUS in a TEDMED talk named “Healing Without Cuts,” Jim Morley was “enthralled” and soon became a donor to the Foundation. “The talk was my first experience to witness the revolution and possibilities of FUS,” said Jim. “I was blown away.”

Jim Morley edited

Jim’s father-in-law died of a glioblastoma, so John Grisham’s book, The Tumor, resonated with Jim on a personal level. “Focused ultrasound rang my bell because this non-invasive technology could be applied to so many different types of diseases and conditions,” said Morley.

Morley believes in the technology and feels that “FUS has the capacity to change the world.” Through financial support and helping to raise awareness of the technology in Northern California, Jim and his wife Lynda have become faithful advocates.

Jim toured Stanford’s Center of Excellence to witness FUS at work. “The trip to Stanford was amazing,” said Morley, “It just helped boost my desire to be more involved.”

At 82, Morley is in good health, keeps active, and recently completed a bike trip in Italy. He is involved in many other causes, including the Housing Industry Foundation, which he started more than 20 years ago to provide affordable housing to those in need in Silicon Valley.

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is fortunate to have such capable and generous friends in the Morleys as they work to help us fulfill our mission of accelerating the adoption of focused ultrasound so it can help as many patients as quickly as possible.

“I’m excited about the future, and in 25 years, FUS will have revolutionized medical care,” said Morley. With the help of donors like Jim, we may achieve this in 10 years.