Watch Now: Fireside Chat on Focused Ultrasound for Pediatrics


In November 2020, the FDA approved the use of focused ultrasound to treat osteoid osteoma (OO), a painful bone tumor that comprises 10 percent of all benign bone tumors. This was a major milestone for the focused ultrasound community, as it was the first US regulatory approval that will directly impact pediatric patients. We believe that more approvals for pediatrics are forthcoming, as focused ultrasound has the potential to provide an alternative to invasive surgery, replace or complement radiation therapy, and enhance drug delivery in children with brain tumors, sarcomas and other soft tissue tumors, desmoid tumors, and bone metastases.

On Wednesday, March 3, Suzanne LeBlang, MD, the Foundation’s Director of Clinical Relationships, shared valuable insights on the latest research and developments in focused ultrasound for pediatric indications.