2023 Summer Intern Report: Chloe Lugg


Columbia University, Class of 2026

Project #1
Exploring Focused Ultrasound and Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT)

Project Overview 
My project involved researching suitable parameters used in therapeutic ultrasound treatments. I also researched clinical trials and ongoing questions related to focused ultrasound and SDT.

Project Outcomes 
I compiled a list of burning questions related to focused ultrasound and SDT that I felt were not answered in the literature. My hope is that these guided conversation at the Foundation’s SDT Roundtable. I was also able to gain insight into study design protocols and the logic behind which parameters are appropriate for certain applications.

Project #2
Communications and Social Media

Project Overview 
I had many tasks within the communications department. I explored new and upcoming podcasts that were relevant to the community. I also helped research suitable media outlets in the UK with the goal of establishing better relationships with reports in that area. My project also involved investigating and strengthening the Foundation’s Wikipedia presence.

Project Outcomes 
My work helped to build the Foundation’s social media presence and establish important relationships with other organizations.

*The above summaries were adapted from Chloe’s intern presentation.