The visibility of focused ultrasound is skyrocketing. TIME Magazine has named it one of the 50 most inspired ideas, innovations and revolutions of 2011. In its coverage, TIME heralds MR-imaging and focused ultrasound "remarkable in their own right"and observes that "something life-changing" emerges when the two are combined.

The report, which appears in the magazine's November 28, 2011 "Invention Issue," is now available on newsstands throughout the US and can be accessed online by subscribers. According to FUS Foundation Chairman Neal Kassell, MD, "The recognition in TIME marks a critical inflection point for focused ultrasound therapy. We can finally stop calling it ‘medicine's best kept secret' because the word is getting out."

Kassell believes that when the potential and capabilities of noninvasive focused ultrasound become widely known, a revolution in patient treatment will be inevitable. "Once the medical community understands that focused ultrasound can destroy tumors, dissolve clots, relieve pain and deliver medicines to precise targets without damaging incisions, this remarkable technology will become a standard of care for many of today's most deadly and debilitating conditions."

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