Project: Transducer characterization using the ONDA scanning system

Interns Chris and OliviaOverview & Goal: The goal of this project was to precisely characterize the pressure field generated by three different ultrasound transducers. We used the ONDA scanning system to obtain pressure field data, and MATLAB software to perform data analysis. Scanning techniques and protocols were included in a step-by-step manual for the Foundation’s future use. 

Results/Findings/Outcome: Of the three transducers ed, two were purchased from manufacturers, and the third was extracted from an in-home humidifier. The Olympus model produced the most consistent measurements and the largest peak pressure. The humidifier-produced pressure field data were consistent with the intended application, displaying the longest and widest focal zone.

Intern Olivia Hatch“The ONDA scanning tank and its accompanying software can be used to map the intensity field of clinical transducers (specifically the brain program transducer at the FUSF Center for Excellence) to verify slight changes in pressure and temperature. This will help identify specific parameters for use in clinical applications.”
– Olivia, on how the team’s accomplishments will impact the FUS field

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the Foundation staff is an incredible resource.
– Olivia, on advice for the 2015 summer interns



Intern Apoorva Iyer“I had a great time as an intern and look forward to continuing in the fall. I enjoyed the family-like surroundings and how close we were able to get as interns. We enjoyed each other’s company while having our own respective projects.”
Apoorva, on her experience as a FUSF intern

“I learned how to operate an oscilloscope and understand the physical principles by which the scanning tank operated. For a non-engineer, I felt that was an important learning experience and accomplishment.”
– Apoorva, on an important learning experience during the internship



Intern Christopher Roth

“When entering the internship, I was unsure which distinction of Biomedical engineering interested me the most. Although focused ultrasound technology is still in its youth, I would love to continue my involvement in the technology and its future development as I move forward in my career.” 
– Chris, on how his internship has affected his career plans

“Be flexible with your goals and aspirations going into the summer. They will change as you learn more from the various resources the Foundation has to offer. Learn everything you can, not only from your project but from those of your peers and mentors.”
– Chris, on advice for 2015 summer interns


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