University of Virginia 

Project: Sonodynamic Therapy Mount

Kevin Zeng 300Project Goal and Overview:
Dr. Zhiyuan Xu at UVA has been conducting sonodynamic therapy studies. My role in the project was to design a 3D-printed mount to house both the diagnostic imaging probe and the therapy transducer used in the experiment. Various 3D scanning techniques were used to attempt to generate an accurate surface model of the diagnostic probe’s irregular shape.

I also worked on a separate project with Dr. Lafon, the Foundation’s Richard Merkin Visiting Fellow, to construct a homemade water tank setup for tank immersion sonodynamic therapy studies.

The mount that I designed was successful in heating the tumor to the desired temperature level when focused ultrasound was applied.

"Focused ultrasound is a growing field with immense potential, and more attention should be dedicated to furthering research in the field and expediting commercial acceptance." -on the most important learning point of his internship experience

"My projects may not improve the field much, but I believe that 3D-printing is a growing technology that will start to become more widely used in biomedical engineering applications in years to come." -on how his accomplishments might impact the field of focused ultrasound

"Have fun with your time here! There is a ton of new knowledge to be learned, and don’t be afraid to ask questions." - his advice for 2017 interns

Helen worked with Kevin on this project. See her profile >

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