On November 3rd, Foundation Council co-chair Jane Batten and Vince Mastracco hosted a luncheon in Virginia Beach for 25 community leaders who were interested in learning about focused ultrasound and its potential to revolutionize medicine, save lives, and reduce suffering. During the program, Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD, presented the Foundation’s history and a brief overview of the technology. A focused ultrasound patient then shared his story with the group.

janebattenThe Foundation holds several awareness events annually to create goodwill and expand our network of friends and advocates. “The group was intrigued by the technology and its long-term potential to treat numerous conditions noninvasively,” said Mike Cashman, co-director of development.

A special guest and current focused ultrasound patient shared his personal story about undergoing treatment earlier this year. The patient, an attorney, suffered from tremors as a result of Parkinson’s Disease. The condition was beginning to significantly impact his professional and personal life. He heard about an experimental clinical trial that was being conducted at the University of Virginia, inquired, and found out that he met the strict inclusion criteria. After undergoing the focused ultrasound treatment as part of a clinical trial, the tremors disappeared. His riveting story shows the potential of focused ultrasound to treat Parkinsonian tremor.

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