Robert C. Khayat, JD, LLM, served as the 15th Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, from 1995 until 2009. Under Khayat’s leadership, the University was named 23rd among the nation’s public universities, and was ranked in the top ten places to work in higher education. Khayat was also a professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law and President of the NCAA Foundation.


Prior to his career in academia, Khayat was an All-Pro Kicker for the Washington Redskins and received the National Football League’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Football Foundation’s Distinguished American Award.

"It's a true honor to welcome Robert Khayat to the Council of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation," says Foundation Trustee Dan Jordan. "He is a man I have long known and much admired. His tenure as Chancellor of our mutual alma mater was truly transformational. Robert is multi-talented, nationally respected, a visionary, and a prodigious fundraiser. His leadership will help the Foundation accelerate its mission to save and improve the lives of millions worldwide."

Khayat serves on the Freedom Forum Foundation Board. His memoir, The Education of a Lifetime will be released on September 15, 2013. He received his bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor from the University of Mississippi and holds a Master of Laws degree from Yale University. He and his wife Margaret live in Oxford, Mississippi, and have two children and three grandchildren.

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