JemmaDuring a Foundation Board of Directors meeting, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach was impressed with the level and scope of projects completed by students in the Summer Internship Program and suggested that the successful endeavor should be extended worldwide. Therefore, this summer, twelve high school and undergraduate university students interested in the physical and life sciences were selected to participate in the first Global Internship Program, and each was matched with an academic researcher or industry mentor at a recognized international site.

Seven of the twelve students who completed the requirements submitted abstracts for the 2014 Symposium and will present their work during the poster session. One project, submitted by Institute of Cancer Research intern Jemma Brown, was awarded travel support as the best student abstract of 2014.

As the global intern for Dr. Gail ter Haar at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, Jemma submitted her project entitled “An instrumented bone/soft tissue phantom designed to mimic clinical HIFU treatments of bone,” where she helped develop a novel bone-mimicking tissue that could be used to study focused ultrasound treatment of bone disease. An oversight committee at the Foundation chose Jemma’s work as the best abstract, earning her travel support to attend the Symposium and have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the entire field of focused ultrasound.

Congratulations to Jemma and her mentor, Dr. Gail ter Haar! More details for the opportunity to receive a stipend to support summer research while participating as a global intern and a list of the 2014 interns can be found on our website.


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