• The Foundation partnered with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to host a two-day virtual workshop to discuss recent advances in the use of focused ultrasound for cancer immunotherapy.
  • Video recordings of the presentations are now available.
  • A summary of the workshop will be published in the coming weeks.

Key Points

CI workshop 2021 cover smThe Foundation partnered with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to host a two-day virtual workshop, September 1-2, 2021, to discuss the role of focused ultrasound for immune-based treatment of cancer and the path to move the field forward.

This invitation-only workshop convened 85 leaders in the field, including focused ultrasound experts; oncologists; immunologists; and representatives from the National Institutes of Health, the US Food and Drug Administration, and other vital nonprofit organizations.

“A primary goal of the workshop was to identify current challenges as well as potential future research directions for focused ultrasound and immune-based cancer treatments,” said the Foundation’s chief scientific officer, Jessica Foley, PhD. “We also discussed ways that the Foundation and CRI could support future projects in this space. CRI has become an invaluable partner for the Foundation, and we are eager to see where this field leads in the coming years.”

Attendees watched 13 prerecorded presentations prior to logging in for 11 live presentations and 7 moderated discussions over the 1.5-day event. The presentations and group discussions are now available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Prerecorded content included:

Live presentations included:

Moderated open discussion topics included:

A summary of the workshop is also available.

See the Program Book >
See the Presentations >

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