Chase Koch, Neal KassellNeal F. Kassell, MD, the Founder and Chairman of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, recently sat down (virtually) with Chase Koch, the President of Koch Disruptive Technologies, for an in-depth discussion about the field of focused ultrasound and how their organizations are working together to revolutionize therapy with this highly disruptive technology.

On July 9, 2020, we launched a podcast and the first in a three-part blog series that was edited and condensed from their conversation. 

Listen: “FUS Foundation and Koch Disruptive Technologies Discuss Advancing Focused Ultrasound”

The first blog discusses KDT and Koch Industries, why they are excited about focused ultrasound, and their message to the community at large.

Read: "Koch Disruptive Technologies: Who They Are and Why They’ve Invested Hundreds of Millions in Focused Ultrasound" >

The second blog in the series explores the state of the field as it transitions from research to commercialization, and KDT’s relationship with the Foundation as they pursue their shared goal of improving the lives of millions around the world with focused ultrasound in the shortest time possible.

Read: "Foundation and KDT on the State of the Field, Their Partnership, and What's Next for Focused Ultrasound" >

In the final installment, Dr. Kassell and Mr. Koch discussed KDT’s current position in the field, future investment plans, and how they feel about spawning the first focused ultrasound “unicorn” (a privately held company with a valuation of more than one billion dollars) via Israeli manufacturer Insightec.

Read: "KDT Talks Current Position in the Field, Future Plans for Focused Ultrasound" >

Listen to the Podcast

Focused Ultrasound Foundation and Koch Disruptive Technologies Discuss Advancing Focused Ultrasound

Chase KochPresident, Koch Disruptive Technologies

Neal F. Kassell, MD, Founder and Chairman, Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Read the full transcript >


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