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Patient Experience Videos

largeMeet some of the men, women and children who have been treated with focused ultrasound. Listen to their unique stories and learn how the technology has changed their lives. Watch Now

FUS for Cancer Videos

CancerFocused ultrasound has the potential to treat many forms of cancer.  Hear the Foundation’s founder and chairman Neal Kassell, MD and other doctors as they discuss using focused ultrasound to treat the disease. Watch Now

Featured Video

Future into Focus

Follow Rick, a patient who undergoes a life-changing focused ultrasound treatment, and hear from the experts around the globe about the technology’s revolutionary potential. View Video

FUS for Women's Health Videos

for womenDiscover the impact of focused ultrasound in the treatment of breast cancer and uterine fibroids. Listen as patients and doctors explain the role of the technology in women’s health. Watch Now

Technology and Foundation Videos

Foundation and TechLearn about focused ultrasound from the individuals and groups using the technology. Explore how the Foundation is helping promote focused ultrasound technology. Watch Now

FUS for Brain Videos

BrainInvestigate how focused ultrasound can be used to treat different brain disorders and deliver drugs to the brain. Meet some of the doctors and researchers who are studying focused ultrasound’s brain applications. Watch Now