June 24, 2021

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First Glioblastoma Patient Treated in Focused Ultrasound Clinical Trial at University of Virginia
  • This multicenter clinical trial is evaluating the safety of using focused ultrasound to temporarily and reversibly open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in glioblastoma patients undergoing standard chemotherapy treatment.
  • Researchers hope that disrupting the BBB will enhance the delivery of chemotherapy to the tumor site.
  • The study at the University of Virginia is being led by Jason Sheehan, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurological Surgery and Neuroscience and the Foundation’s Senior Advisor for Brain Tumor Research.
  • The Foundation is contributing to this clinical trial through an ongoing partnership with the UVA Focused Ultrasound Center of Excellence.
Foundation News
Register Now: Webinar on Focused Ultrasound for Varicose Veins
  • The Foundation and Theraclion are hosting a webinar on  focused ultrasound for the treatment of varicose veins.
  • Panelists will discuss the European experience and provide an overview of the US market perspective for this procedure.
  • Join us Wednesday, June 30, at 11:30 am Eastern.

Cancer Immunotherapy Month: Foundation and Partners Drive Progress and Awareness
  • This month marks the 9th annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month – as designated by the Cancer Research Institute.
  • The Foundation coordinated with two leaders in the field to raise awareness of immunotherapy and focused ultrasound’s potential role.
  • Listen to a virtual fireside chat and join the conversation on social media.

Foundation Chairman Featured in Podcast
  • Neal F. Kassell, MD, shared the state of the field of focused ultrasound for a wide range of conditions in a podcast for Health Professional Radio.
  • Listen now on SoundCloud or YouTube.
Patient News
Watch Now: Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer
  • Dr. Chong Kian Tai addressed focal therapy and focused ultrasound treatment of prostate cancer with the Singapore Cancer Society's prostate cancer support group.
  • Dr. Chong is a urologist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital.  
  • Farrer Park Hospital is the only site in Singapore to offer the procedure as a standard-of-care treatment. 
Research News
Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy Improves Focal Hand Dystonia in Musicians, Others
  • Focal hand dystonia (FHD) causes excessive and involuntary muscle contractions in the fingers, hand, and forearm.
  • A team of researchers in Japan investigated whether focused ultrasound thalamotomy could be used to treat FHD.
  • The group concluded that focused ultrasound thalamotomy significantly improved FHD.

Focused Ultrasound Enhances Effect of Aducanumab and Improves Memory in Preclinical Studies
  • Professor Jürgen Götz’s group has published two preclinical studies using focused ultrasound to treat Alzheimer’s disease and the advanced effects of aging.
  • The Alzheimer's research included aducanumab, the first drug approved for the disease in the US in 20 years. 
  • The aging study found low-intensity ultrasound could restore memory and cognition.

A New Focused Ultrasound Tool to Activate Deep Brain Neurons
  • Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis sought to selectively and noninvasively target specific neurons to better understand brain function and treat brain disorders.
  • Applying focused ultrasound to engineered sonothermogenetic cells induced a safe thermal effect that produced expected behavioral responses.  

Meeting Report: ISTU 2021
  • The International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU) annual meeting was held from June 6–9, 2021.
  • The event was hybrid virtual and in-person, with the live portion taking place in Gyeongju, Korea.
  • We thank Dong-guk Paeng, PhD, for this meeting summary.

Meeting Report: 180th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
  • The latest ASA meeting was held virtually June 8-10 with the theme “Acoustics in Focus.”
  • There were seven presentations relevant to focused ultrasound research.
  • We thank LabTAU’s Maxime Lafond, PhD, for his comments on the sessions.

Visit our free, online research library of focused ultrasound publications.
More Research News
Ultrasound Neuromodulation: Integrating Medicine and Engineering for Neurological Disease Treatment | EurekAlert!
Ultrasound Technology Developed at U-M Now in Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer | University of Michigan Health
Industry News
Harmonic Medical Rebrands as Arrayus Technologies  
  • The Canadian medical device company is developing a multi-modality focused ultrasound platform for noninvasive cancer therapy.
  • The rebrand is inspired by both the evolution of the company and its vision for the future.

EDAP Hires MedTech Industry Veteran as CEO of US Subsidiary 
  • Ryan Rhodes has been selected as Chief Executive Officer of EDAP Technomed, the company’s US subsidiary.
  • The highly experienced medical technology and commercialization leader will drive EDAP’s US expansion.
Focused Ultrasound for Varicose Veins
  • The Foundation and Theraclion are hosting a webinar on focused ultrasound for the treatment of varicose veins.
  • Panelists will discuss the European experience and provide an overview of the US market perspective for this procedure.
  • Join us Wednesday, June 30, 2021, at 11:30 am Eastern.

Recent Webinar Recordings
Breaking Barriers with Sound: Current and Emerging Indications for MR-guided Focused Ultrasound | Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD | Hosted by the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) | This recording is available only to ISRS members.

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Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Cavitation Monitoring and Dosimetry for Therapeutic Ultrasound Workshop

The Foundation and the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine are hosting a workshop on Cavitation Monitoring and Dosimetry for Therapeutic Ultrasound. The series of six virtual events will be held September 24 and October 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Eastern. Topics include detection equipment, localization and mapping, thresholds and dosing, cavitation agents, and clinical and regulatory experiences. 

June 24, 2021 Focused Ultrasound and Cancer Immunotherapy Fireside Chat | WEBINAR ​​​​​

June 24, 2021 Focused Ultrasound in Gynecology | WEBINAR ​​​​​

July 25-29, 2021 American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Annual Meeting  | VIRTUAL MEETING ​​​​​

September 7-10, 2021 iTRUSST's 2nd Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation (FUN) Symposium | VIRTUAL MEETING ​​​​​

September 25-28, 2021 Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) 2021| VIRTUAL MEETING ​​​​

October 15-16, 2021 2021 AANS/CNS Tumor Section Satellite Symposium, Austin, TX

November 18-21, 2021 26th Annual Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology, Boston, MA 


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