An overview of the complex reimbursement landscape

October 8, 2020
Focus Feature: Reimbursement for Focused Ultrasound
Reimbursement for Focused Ultrasound  

This focus feature provides a broad overview of the complex reimbursement landscape, especially as it pertains to new and innovative treatments like focused ultrasound. Read on to learn about reimbursement from the perspective of patients, providers, and medical device companies.  

Symposium’s Commercialization Day to Discuss Reimbursement 

On Friday, November 13, the Foundation’s virtual Symposium will include a Commercialization Day – featuring invited talks, panel sessions, and roundtable discussions – to help companies become better acquainted with issues related to commercial success.


Why Reimbursement Matters 

Learn why reimbursement is critical for patients, healthcare providers, and industry alike.

Reimbursement Status for Approved Indications Across the US

Learn which payers offer reimbursement for four FDA approved focused ultrasound procedures.


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